September 23, 2010

Homemade Vanilla!

I'm fairly new to the blogging world - writing and reading - boy have my eyes have been opened!

I've always been pretty creative in the kitchen, but there are some things that I just never thought of making homemade like hamburger buns, Pop-Tarts, and vanilla! It's ridiculously easy. You just pour, shake, and wait. Seriously.

Take 1 cup of a pretty good vodka (I just used Absolut because that's what I had) and pour it into a jar.
Split 2 vanilla beans and throw them in the jar. Close the lid and shake it up!
Shake it once a day for a week. Then, once a week for 2-3 months. I put my jar on its side so the beans are totally covered by the vodka.

Then bake up some yummies with your homemade, pure vanilla extract! Or, if you're really generous, you can pour it into some pretty bottles and give it away as gifts. Now is the perfect time to make your vanilla if you want to give it away at Christmas ;)

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